Schools and Universities Management have the challenging job of managing assets, buildings and equipment located at various campuses or different locations while maintaining a proactive preventive maintenance schedule to keep equipment up and running

  • When the HVAC unit is leaking or the lights go out, you want to have a procedure in place to quickly correct the problem and more importantly, you need to have a preventive maintenance procedure in place to eliminate the problem before it even occurs.
  • Whether you have a multi-site campus or a small facility to manage, having a Facilities Management System in place is the first step to becoming more organized and operating more efficiently.
  • You can track labour and inventory costs for each job, then run system reports to see how much you are spending on any particular area of the campus or type of job.
  • The Service Requester application allows the people in your schools and universities to log on to request maintenance and track the requests as they are completed.
  • Keeping track of the work order history for equipment and general maintenance costs (labour and parts) will lead to a reduction in the total cost of maintenance for your campus.

Use the management information system (MIS), to pinpoint problem areas and determine the root cause of common issues

Track and control an increasing amount of IT Assets consisting of computers, software, network hubs, and labs that need to be maintained, as well as classrooms, athletic fields, car parks, playgrounds and landscaping.

Service requests need to be responded to quickly and efficiently, and preventive maintenance schedules need to be set up in order to provide a stable learning environment .

Schorp Group’s simple, easy-to-use web-based application can help your School or University to:

  • Provide a higher level of service
  • Maintain a clean, efficient and safe environment
  • Track the use and location of all assets
  • Lower the total cost of maintenance
  • Go Mobile
  • Go Green

Employees, contractors, requesters, and management can access Maintenance Connection from anywhere, using an Internet browser.

Benefits of a Successful Facilities Management System

  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve system reliability
  • Extend asset life
  • Accelerate system requests
  • Improve planning and productivity
  • Improve performance measurement
  • Gain maintenance intelligence
  • Establish standards
  • Optimise inventory
  • Reduce stock holding

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