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Asset verification

Asset tracking provides your organization with the ability to monitor, manage and allocate fixed or moveable assets. This enables your organization to gather data such as the status of organization assets and facilitate streamlined processes such as inventory management and deprecation.

Backup Solutions

Stay with the times in a way that’s good for businesses and mitigate data loss whilst providing the restoration of crucial digital assets. Protect your business against down-time make essential restore points for if and when your business might fall prey to vulnerable security exploitation. Make sure your data is protected with active ransomware protection.


Asset tagging is one of many tools needed for accurate and successful asset management, we make sure you enable your organization with our expert Asset Tagging solution.

Implementation and Consulting

Let us help you set up your critical assets, locations, inspections or even develop a naming convention that will assist in reporting in the long run.


Integrated software brings your data sources together. A single software platform that converges multiple information channels makes it possible

Maintenance Policies and Procedures

We present the processes of your organization, so that the current process may be analyzed, improved, and automated. We provide expertise in the modeling discipline. The objective is to reduce cycle time, increase process speed, increase quality, and reduce costs. This provides us with the knowledge to enable your organization to perform best practices whilst implementing more effective and beneficial solutions.

Management Systems

See more info under Solutions page

Product Training

For each Client, The Schorp Group will determine the actual training needs and program, in accordance with the need of the client and will be adjusted accordingly. The Schorp Training division offers; Onsite Training and Online Training / Workshops

Project Planning / Management

There is a lot of planning that needs to be considered before we go live with your system. We’ll make sure you know what needs to be done and how to stay on track

Software Development

The Schorp Groups Research & Development team is experienced in adding value to customers current operations, work with them in ensuring their investment is one that will fit their needs.

System / Technical Support

We give our best for each of our clients. Success and satisfaction is guaranteed with us!

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