Manufacturing companies must track and manage energy consumption to remain competitive globally. In addition to the fiscal impact of energy costs on operations, companies are constantly looking for opportunities to use environmentally preferable energy outcomes when it comes to maintenance.

Maintenance Connection’s leading maintenance management (CMMS) software includes several quality tools that, when used effectively, allow for granular tracking of energy consumption to help identify areas to increase efficiency. Maintenance Connection gives manufacturers the ability to determine how much energy is being consumed for an individual asset or manufacturer and allows for better decision making. For example, every asset’s preventive maintenance history is accessible in the tool and can help a manufacturer determine whether it is cost effective to replace an older asset that is consuming a lot of energy with one that is newer and more energy efficient.

Another way that the Maintenance Connection CMMS solution helps manufacturers realize environmentally preferable outcomes is by eliminating the need for paper maintenance records. Moving into an electronic CMMS platform greatly enhances efficiency and decreases wasted resources and costs. The cost of paper, storage of records, and time spent filing are all greatly reduced with an electronic platform that creates, distributes, and tracks the progress and completion of maintenance work assignments.

To become truly paperless, implementing a mobile CMMS platform like MC Express from Maintenance Connection is essential. Critical documents can be attached to work requests and accessed from anywhere which reduces the need for printouts and saves time. With a tool like MC Express, the distribution of work orders can go from facility management to maintenance technicians with the click of a button. The recipient can perform the needed maintenance and even indicate time spent, parts used, and a detailed labor report, all without ever touching a sheet of paper. These are just a few of the many benefits of a paperless work flow with a mobile tool. To see how the Maintenance Connection CMMS tool can benefit manufacturing organizations and help them create more environmentally preferable outcomes.

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