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Product Overview

Whether you are tracking critical assets at regional facilities or have asset-intensive operations around the world, you can use vx Maintain to manage comprehensive accurate and current information about your facilities and assets at the level of detail that meets your company’s needs. All from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Accruent’s vx Maintain is a cloud-based SaaS product. Mainly used for managing work orders and assigning jobs to your internal employees and external contractors.

If You need an integrated a CAFM system to track, streamline, integrate and optimize maintenance efforts across your organization, look no further.


Headquarters (International):


Southern African Vendor:

Schorp Group SA


Headquarters (SA):

Regional offices across Southern Africa

Deployment Model:

Cloud / SaaS

Key Features

vx Maintain Software offers a suite of CAFM features including.

Asset Management

Create, search, use, and manage catalogued assets with the system.

Contractor Managment

Manage multiple contractors across different locations and equipment types

Preventive Maintenance

Manage planned and unplanned inspections by site, city and province etc to ensure activities are completed at the required frequency

Work Order Management

Create work orders based on location — including country, currency and language


Reporting tools quickly provide statistical results on summary data as well as operational insight through real-time KPI dashboards.

Implementation and Integration

The Schorp Group offers cloud-based and web-hosted deployment of vx Maintain Software – all with the same essential implementation stages:

Project Planning

Kick off meeting
Defining goals, roles, and milestones
Schedule next steps

Data Migration

Review legacy data
Map data to CAFM
Configure data standards

Core Configuration

User forms
Security / Reports

Process Design

Evaluate current process and enhance efficiency
Configure business logic
Set up process automation

Training/ Go Live

Functional user testing
End user training
Roll out

Manage Results

Refine usage as needed
Analyse system reports
Monitor KPIs


Software AdviceSoftware Advice
High PerformanceHigh Performance

The Schorp Group distributes and Support the vx Maintain and supporting software.

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