Data Centres have to face the unique challenge of their success being dependent of how reliable of an infrastructure they maintain.

For this reason, it is imperative to have a maintenance management system in place to help track and manage the maintenance of servers, coolers, generators and other equipment within the facility.

These mission-critical establishments need procedures in place to resolve maintenance problems even before they occur, which can be accomplished with scheduled preventive maintenance.

  • Without maintenance or work order software, work orders often get lost in the shuffle, costs cannot be tracked and no accurate work order history can be maintained.
  • The Service Requester application allows your tenants to log on to Maintenance Connection to request maintenance and track the requests as they are completed.
  • Keeping track of work order history for equipment and general maintenance costs (labour and parts) will lead to a reduction of the total cost of maintenance for each of your buildings.

Use the management information system (MIS), to pinpoint problem areas and determine the root cause to common issues.

Maintenance Connection’s simple, easy to use web-based application can help your Data Centre Facilities management Company to:

  • Provide a higher level of service
  • Maintain a clean, efficient and safe environment
  • Track the use and location of all assets
  • Lower the total cost of maintenance
  • Go Mobile
  • Go Green

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