How is Your Health?

Personal health should be a major factor in everyone’s life. The big question is how do you look after your health?

Is your assets health a major factor in your life? If you want success, it should be!

Asset Health Management is Important.

Most proactive maintenance organisations will have a machine health program in place. However, not one size fits all, so the maintenance program will consist of various types of maintenance subject to the type of equipment and importance of that equipment to the organisation.

There are various techniques that can be used and the most effective one will need to be identified subject to the individual piece of equipment and the organisation’s requirements.

To look after asset health, one technique that should be in place in most proactive maintenance organisations is Predictive Maintenance. This will enable you to plan for maximum uptime of your assets by using past performance to predict future maintenance needs and schedule activities accordingly

This preventive type of approach empowers you to identify issues before equipment fails. Equipment data will be scanned for performance trends and condition-based monitoring will be used to trigger alerts so you can fix issues before they occur

By utilizing historical data kept in the asset record to maximize future uptime, you will have full asset visibility to ensure assets are performing at their peak output capacity. You will be able to recognize regular and abnormal patterns of machine behaviour to predict failures before they occur and have time to rectify any anomalies before the machine’s performance is impacted. By identifying the trends of the machine, your operating timeframes and asset reliability will be increased

Given the impact of data on business performance, maintenance managers should consider pursuing predictive maintenance as a proactive maintenance strategy. It’s wise for organizations to get a headstart in applying innovative ideas to their processes.

Some of the benefits to be achieved will be


  • Efficiencies Improved
  • Maintenance costs streamlined and decreased
  • Productivity performance boosted
  • Equipment lifespans maximised and uptime increased
  • Reduction in failures and unexpected downtime


Is your Asset Health Check Overdue?


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