Maximise the life of your facilities by improving service request handling and increasing productivity.

Businesses and Organisations are under constant pressure to maintain a high standard of productivity under tightly controlled budgets. To achieve these high standards, physical assets such as facilities, IT equipment and transportation fleets need improved maintenance, to ensure maximum return on their large capital investment.

Your success will be measured by how well you keep these assets performing and how quickly you resolve problems as they arise.

A critical key to success is using the right maintenance solutions to optimize maintenance operations.

Reduce Maintenance Errors

Work orders have detailed procedures, tasks completed reporting, plus all reference documents, even on your mobile device.

Improve Asset Productivity

Reduce unplanned downtime by optimizing preventive maintenance scheduling, procedures and service levels.

Safety, Health, Environmental & Regulatory

Improve equipment safety & compliance, reduce Workman Compensation costs. Track repair history, safety tests and results.

Improve Asset Management

Track all costs, work history, and more for maximum uptime and extended service life.

Lower Operating Cost

Reduce overtime, maintain optimum inventory levels, maximize production levels

Improve Responsiveness

Provide web-based service requests with online tracking to keep requesters informed at every step to the successful completion.

Central Repository of Information

A key factor for organisations is the need for a speedy response when failure occurs.

Availability and accessibility to information is crucial to achieve the response required and to get critical plant up and running again with minimum delays.

Have all the information you need to manage all your assets organized in one place. Access it from anywhere on the Internet.

No PC client software to wrestle with!

You can even use your mobile devices on site where the failure occurred to access that vital information.

Our unique Windows Explorer style, web-based layout lets you to find what you need fast. Navigating from one item to another is quick and easy. If you use Windows, you already know how to run our Maintenance Management System.

Now is the time to automate and optimize operations!

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