Unplanned Downtime in the delivery and production process can cost your company significant time and money.

With a CMMS, maintenance managers can perform routine maintenance throughout the manufacturing plant that extends asset life, and prevents and predicts equipment failures.

Equipment breakdowns can lead to

  • Costly repairs
  • Plant downtime
  • Less overall production
  • General degradation of the equipment

All of which affect the equipment’s performance and life span. Because of this, asset management is an important task that can save maintenance managers time and money.

With a CMMS, asset management is simple. It gives managers the ability to manage assets from different locations in one central hub. This increases the accuracy and effectiveness of storing information about assets.

Beyond that, asset management provides managers with the visibility to monitor equipment performance and functionality.

With this insight, manufacturers are able to schedule maintenance visits to inspect and repair equipment as needed. Correct maintenance ensures the equipment is operating at optimal efficiency and will extend the life span of that equipment.

Given the impact of data on business performance, maintenance managers should consider pursuing an Asset Management strategy. It’s wise for organizations to get a head start in applying innovative ideas to their processes.

Some of the benefits to be achieved will be

  • Efficiencies Improved
  • Maintenance costs streamlined and decreased
  • Productivity performance boosted
  • Equipment lifespans maximised and uptime increased
  • Reduction in failures and unexpected downtime

Asset Management can have a major impact on a manufacturing plant’s productivity and service levels, extending equipment life and decreasing downtime.

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