The Same OLD or Something NEW?

I am sure many of us wish that 2021 had never happened – but it did. Now however we have an opportunity to take a deep breath, refresh ourselves and look forward to the new challenges that 2022 will bring. Challenges or Opportunities? Whichever one it is becomes a choice of how you are going to approach the new-year. How many of the following questions can you relate to with negative replies?

  • Do you seem to have an ongoing issue with unreliable equipment and frequent breakdowns?
  • Are your production levels not meeting required standards?
  • Do you need to restore production to acceptable levels?
  • Is your plant not running as efficiently as it should?
  • Are you legally compliant?


We don’t have to live with negative responses to the above questions. A new year provides us with a new start and renewed energies to respond positively and make 2022 a hugely successful year, not only for ourselves and our organisation but also for our wonderful country. There is a lot of talk about negative economy and downgrading our financial status and the impact of another year with covid but despite all of that we all have an opportunity to make a difference.

So how do we do we make a difference? Well first of all we need to get our own situation up to speed and profitable. Profitable positively impacts clients and the economy. So let’s start at home base and ensure that our organisation is functioning efficiently and well.

Asset Maintenance is a key aspect to future profitability and growth. It is a continuous process improvement strategy for improving the availability, safety, reliability and longevity of physical assets such as systems, facilities, equipment and processes.

  • How well are your assets being looked after?


Well maintained assets are key to effective production levels.

  • Do you have an integrated up to date detailed register of assets?
  • Do you know where all your assets are and what condition they are in?

Poorly maintained assets will have a detrimental and sometimes devastating effect on production and company profits, due to machine breaks, waste material and a host of other issues. The future is all about information. Correct information will enable accurate decisions to be made. Limited or incorrect information means we are managing by the seat of our pants.

Maintenance management is all about maintaining the resources of the company so that production proceeds effectively and that no money is wasted on inefficiency.

Let’s stop messing around and get serious about out futures. Get that information database and system in place effectively and quickly. Implement the procedures and disciplines to ensure the system is working efficiently. Let’s start to reap some huge rewards and benefits so that in 12 months’ time we can look back and say, wow what an amazing year 2022 was.

Your decision.

The Same OLD or Something NEW

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