Predict EquipmentFailurewithPreventive Maintenance.

I often struggle to remember when my car is due for service and relicensing, both of which are critical to ensure smooth and trouble-free motoring for me.

What chance does a maintenance manager have when it comes to controlling and scheduling all the equipment within his area of responsibility which is essential to ensure trouble free running for critical production equipment.

A manufacturing plant has thousands of machines across different locations and departments. Failing to keep assets functioning properly can cause unforeseen delays in the manufacturing process, as well as increased technician overtime and spending.

Preventive maintenance (PM) enhances equipment performance by increasing uptime. This is because PM schedules provide managers with the ability to easily plan for maintenance before a breakdown even occurs. This saves a manufacturing plant money because efforts are focused primarily on preventing equipment failure rather than responding to emergencies. As a result, maintenance teams have less unplanned downtime, overtime hours or emergency inventory orders.


Record and access critical PM data across multiple locations. All PM information resides in one place and can be associated with multiple assets throughout your Asset Management System.

Monitor unlimited amounts of manufacturer related specifications and metrics to make better decisions about how and when PMs are performed.

Link procedures with work orders, providing valuable task instructions, estimated materials and critical documentation.

Keep your team and operations aligned by providing a single source of PM information for all stakeholders across the maintenance organization

There are many benefits to be realized, some of which are:

  • Easily create schedules
  • Track procedures
  • Set maintenance routines
  • Balance workloads
  • Auto-generate schedules and PM notifications


Preventive Maintenance (PM) equips you with valuable insights to save time and money.

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