New Apps and New Currency

Mobile has surged as our channel of choice—and apps are our new currency.

There are a number of ways the workforce is getting more tech-savvy with mobile:

  • We are using personal devices for work.
    1. 45% of millennials and 18% of older generations
  • We are likely to download applications for work.
    1. 41% millennials and 24% older generations
  • Connectivity is up to 830% +, since 1995
    1. From 9% to 84%
  • And connectivity via mobile devices is up 255%+, since 2009
    1. From 18% to 64%


In the U.S., an average of 151 minutes is spent looking at our smartphone screen.

Whenever we want a status update or notification, we check our phone.

Last year, we checked them an average of 85 times a day!

It’s an obvious and preferred mode of connection, research and productivity.

So why do so many maintenance organizations and maintenance managers fall back to Excel, printouts, or handwritten notes when there’s likely an app for that?


For maintenance managers and planners especially, it’s essential to know the current status of all jobs in the backlog


This type of data (and more) has traditionally been stored in a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).


Now, all of that valuable information is available in the pockets of maintenance planners and technicians alike, with mobile CMMS applications. As CMMS goes mobile, keeping a pulse on your organization’s truly current job status is possible.

Mobile CMMS brings opportunities for better, real-time insights; improved department-wide productivity; and a connected on-the-go workforce.


It’s time to make Mobile your channel of choice—and apps your new currency.

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