Breakdown Nightmares

Is downtime getting you down? Are you having breakdown nightmares? Do you seem to have an ongoing issue with unreliable equipment and frequent breakdowns? Do you have excessive emergency call-outs with an uncontrolled budget, just watching your dollars fly out of the window?

The reality is that a combination of all these things will be having a hugely significant impact on bottom-line company profitability, as well as a demoralising effect on workers and technicians.

  • How can we turn this around?
  • How can we turn this around from a firefighting status to a controlled environment where world class standards are being achieved?

Wouldn’t you like to have a maintenance operation where assets are available, reliable, operating in a safe efficient environment with an improved image, and where operating and maintenance costs are controlled and kept at a minimum?

Maintenance management is all about maintaining the resources of the company so that production proceeds effectively and that no money is wasted on inefficiency.

Welcome to the start of your journey towards a World Class Maintenance Facility.

Reactive and Proactive Maintenance

So where do we start?

  • Are you having sleepless nights with yet another energy-sapping breakdown nightmare to resolve?
  • Can I get through tomorrow without another breakdown issue raising its head?

There are two big factors to consider before we move further forward.

We need to ask ourselves.

  • ‘Are we in a Reactive or Proactive Maintenance environment’?

Good maintenance requires cooperation and the right tools with them being used the right way

Otherwise, the result will be painful, inaccurate, and will require expensive repairs in the future.

Plant and Facilities

Plant and Facilities cannot run trouble-free forever.

The main issue of course is if we are dealing with excessive downtimes as a result of constant breakdowns, then what can we do about it?

We have two options?

This highlights the fact that we need to have a plan in place to keep our machines in good health in order to minimise the frequency and impact of any breakdowns.