Future Proof Your Operations

Companies that integrate mobile for CMMS, surge ahead of the competition, and future-proof facility operations.

  1. They save time
  2. Have better access to information
  3. Leave a kinder environmental footprint and are more productive because of


  1. Save time

When it comes to building a world-class organization, uptime is a top priority. Think in terms of operations and employees and making the most of each moment.


With mobile, managers and techs spending less time receiving instructions, gathering tools or materials, traveling to and from the site, etc., and more time completing maintenance tasks. How does mobile make a difference? Techs now have in-app access to mobile work order signatures, can log wrench time with a stop-start timer, and can upload images or video using the device’s camera. Technicians can receive alerts about new work assignments instantly, and work requesters can obtain minute-by-minute status updates.


  1. Gain insights, access to critical information

From on-the-go techs to management, one of the biggest advantages of mobile is immediate access to real-time information. For example, technicians can access critical documents from the old. Or, do a global database search from the old should a complexity pop up (when it’s often most needed). With an asset’s complete work history at your fingertips, mobile CMMS becomes an incredibly useful tool. And the ability for techs to update job progress gives organizations access to critical metrics, such as average response times, average completion times, and total downtime. Overall, access to information fosters an organization-wide culture of productivity and collaboration.


  1. Go green

Think of the cabinets full of asset records, work histories, and more (who knows what you’ll find if you dig deep). A new job pops up on the calendar, and it’s status quo to find documentation, print copies for a tech, then re-lease new paperwork once the work order is completed. It’s a vicious cycle, and one that limits scalable growth.


A mobile platform is essential if you’re committed to going paperless. Rather than copies and printouts, disseminate job information with the click of a button. Files are stored direct to a tech’s device—convenient and eco-friendly. These digital documents, attached to work requests, can be accessed from anywhere. The entire process saves time, supports growth and enables a mobile team. At the end of the day, paperless processes makes the job easier and soften an organizational footprint.


Companies that integrate mobile for CMMS, surge ahead of the competition, and future-proof facility operations.


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