Vicious Cycle of Reactive Maintenance

Are you trapped in a vicious, spiral of reactive maintenance? If yes, then the obvious answer is you need to get out of it by getting your Maintenance Management System activated.

This will help in:

  • Bringing assets to a serviceable condition
  • Initiating cleaning, inspecting and tagging of assets
  • Introducing and enforcing maintenance inspections
  • Identifying root causes of major failures
  • Preventing major failures from re-occurring

Asset Investment

I sometimes feel that industry does not appreciate or understand the value of their asset investment. Most of us may save for a long time to purchase a home or a vehicle. Having sacrificed to achieve that, who would not want to maintain their investment properly to ensure the value of their asset was maintained and the asset was performing well, according to specification. Can you even begin to imagine the size of investment that industry makes in both their asset base and their facility infrastructure?

Asset Investment is Huge

  • If we cannot control it then we cannot manage it
  • An unmanaged asset base will result in major inefficiencies and huge losses

We all read in the national and international press about how major infrastructure corporations and utility organisations fail because of bad maintenance. Let’s make sure that does not happen to our facility.

Maintenance Management

There is no question that today Technology and IT Systems have revolutionized every industrial sector and business organisation,


The maintenance industry as a whole has traditionally been resistant to change:

  • “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude

Industry has proven that a Maintenance Management System CAN REDUCE

  • Downtime
  • Lower equipment cost
  • Improve safety and efficiency

Correctly maintained equipment can mean the difference between

a profitable year or a heavy loss.

Well by now you should be able to identify pretty much exactly what your situation is and how close or how far away you are from achieving World Class recognition. If you are scoring high on the reactive scale, then there is a lot of work to proceed with but the good news is that the scope of what you can achieve with your improvement initiatives is huge.

You can be instrumental in changing the life of the organisation in a significant way and improving the company bottom line, simply by introducing a management system and gaining from the operational efficiencies that can be achieved and secured.

Do not allow yourself to become trapped in that vicious, spiral of reactive maintenance? Get out of it by getting your Maintenance Management System activated and get excited about the progress that you will see unfolding and the rewards that it will bring.


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