The Road to World Class Standards

How significant is the achievement of World Class Maintenance Standards in today’s global marketplace? Is it just a smart phrase or is it an actual reality to be achieved?

Whether we accept it or not, Industry today is serving a global market and for our industry to succeed we need to be competitive in a global environment.

Many companies invest millions of dollars on new capital equipment to increase production volumes and meet new market demands but so often they neglect the fundamental basics of good quality proactive preventive maintenance systems to look after and secure the future availability and reliability of their investments. So often the additional capacity they need already exists. It simply needs to be released by the implementation of good maintenance standards to ensure the equipment is performing well and according to specification.

Fundamental Qualities

It is these fundamental qualities, of good proactive maintenance standards, that will ensure that the organisation’s investments are correctly looked after, will perform according to specification requirements and will be fit for use for their expected life span.

Department and company images will be enhanced. Who wants to work in or purchase from a company that displays chaos and a poor image?

Customer requirements will be met both from a quality and time requirement.  We all suffer or benefit from either a poor or a good service delivery, depending on the supplier or company we are dealing with.

Industry and legal compliances will be achieved. We certainly don’t want to fail audits and be given time pressures to fix up identified issues.

Plant and employee safety will be ensured. This is often overlooked and the lack of correct safety instructions and measures can often lead to very serious consequences. Safety focus will enable the Facility to move from a firefighting status to a controlled environment. I am sure that everyone prefers to work in a well organised structured environment as opposed to having to drop everything and go charging off to try and resolve some sort of emergency, while working in a huge pressure bubble.

World class standards will be achieved. This can only benefit the company and everyone involved in it and will ensure long term success.

The goal of any improvement effort must be to strive to achieve World Class Maintenance (WCM). This will put us firmly into a position to become an effective global competitor in a very competitive market.

We will be able to positively impact our Organisations bottom line by keeping plant operations running

  • Smoothly
  • Productively
  • With as little disruption as possible
  • Saving long term maintenance costs

What company would not want to follow this route?

Industry today is serving a global market and for our industry to succeed we need to be competitive in a global environment and need to start a journey towards the achievement of World Class Maintenance Standards.

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