Ten Reasons to Switch to Schorp Group – Maintenance Connection Africa is part of an international network in providing the best for our clients and connecting to their needs.

  1. Avoid loss through new additional investment in outdated applications

Maintenance Connection software to form a more stable, better positioned for the future, more economical, and easier to use foundation to build from.


  1. Advantages of Web-based Solution

The Web architecture of Maintenance Connection enables users to access information stored in their application over any Internet or intranet connection. This gives everyone from

the CEO to the plant manager a way to stay connected to every facet of operations. And, unlike Web-enabled software, which requires the purchase of software for each client computer and offers limited operating interactions, Web-architected products offer significant benefits— reduced IT expenses, a foundation of continuous, consolidated technology, and rapid return on investment. In addition, Web architecture enables companies to create cross-enterprise visibility, allowing companies to share information between divisions, locations and systems. This flexibility helps to create greater efficiencies at the enterprise level rather than just on a group-only basis. Web-based applications like Maintenance Connection are widely proven to be more easily implemented, more cheaply supported and administered and more usable for end-users than legacy based client-server applications.


  1. Better & Cheaper Mobile Tools

Mobile makes it possible to download work assignments from the Maintenance Connection database using docking cradles or dial-up and wireless connections, automating virtually every aspect of maintenance and data collection. In addition, Maintenance Connection Mobile allows users to create field-based work orders, use drill-down menus to retrieve detailed information about a piece of equipment, and capture actual “wrench time” as work occurs. For example, many industries need a tool that allows personnel to move from room to room or site to site and still be able to record what maintenance needs to be performed. Maintenance Connection Mobile gives users the ability to capture essential information on the move for optimal performance. Maintenance Connection Mobile frees users from a fixed terminal giving them time to care for equipment, look for problems, perform maintenance, and request to tender performance while carrying a hand-held device to generate and record jobs from the field.


  1. Integration & Web Services Savings & Simplification


Integration refers to connecting the CMMS application to the companies other business systems such as the Accounting System, or PLC/plant control systems. In short, integration typically requires an integration software tool and services. Maintenance Connection includes an open system Microsoft integration approach at no charge and the technical services to complete the integration are more mainstream and less costly. Most users stated the need for integration to accounting and often plant control systems.


While not always important in the earliest stages of implementation, web services is an important new technology that has become a mainstream forward-looking requirement. For increased flexibility in integration and implementation, web services toolkits can easily link central enterprise systems and expose real-time critical asset management functionality using familiar applications. The web services give companies an extensive roadmap for creating business processes that are suitable to their specific environments, which may be through Microsoft Excel, a portal, or an intranet site. Maintenance Connection leverages Microsoft web services at no additional charge.


  1. Improved Usability

Maintenance Connection offers functionality that is user-driven and personalization. Maintenance Connection uses an intuitive web-driven, drag and drops and WYSIWYG interface that users can quickly learn and leverage. Maintenance Connection personalization capabilities also will allow each user and group to configure the application-specific to their role and responsibility for real-world usability. Maintenance Connection also includes a separate, simplified interface designed specifically for the Maintenance Technician users.


  1. Lower Cost & Complexity of Internal IT Support

Maintenance Connection leverages the lower cost and simpler support of Microsoft SQL Server on the database side and since it is a full web application, there is no software installed on any client and therefore requires no client side support or efforts. Maintenance Connection also includes an optional runtime version of Microsoft SQL Server database at no additional charge.


  1. Dashboard with Summary, Matrix, & KPIs

Maintenance Connection includes a versatile homepage with a Summary Inbox, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), and Performance Matrix. The Summary Inbox is a user-defined “to do” list that provides up-to-date information about pending tasks such as backlogged work orders or purchase requests. Providing instant access, the inbox quickly shows the tasks that need to be completed. Through KPI’s, users define and monitor key asset performance indicators, such as equipment failures, backlog work, inventory on-hand values or stock-outs without having to run reports. Using dashboard gauges, KPI’s provide a snapshot of how assets are performing compared to user-defined benchmarks. The Performance Matrix tracks and notifies users of „worst-offenders‟ and „best-performers‟ in key operational areas.


  1. True Multiple Site & Multiple Division Capable

Maintenance Connection can manage multiple entities with one database and apply security settings to determine a user‟s access. Each site within the organization is able to view and edit its own data while still forming a collaborative environment that permits users across physical boundaries to share common data.


  1. Improved Reporting

Maintenance Connection improved reporting includes Rollout—Maintenance Connection Reporting can be easily deployed across the organization and users can easily create ad-hoc reports. Web architecture provides anytime access to users throughout the enterprise. Complete User Coverage—The familiar browser-based user interface encourages user adoption, leading to increased productivity. And both the interface and level of reports can be tailored to all user levels—from novice to advanced. Re-port Design—Users are in control of the report design, including report layout and conditional formatting. Reports can be saved by the user, group, or enterprise to be reused Maintenance Connection reporting is simply easier and more flexible.


  1. Lower Cost of Annual Support

Maintenance Connection annual support is only 15% of total software. And Maintenance Connection will be less expensive to support for admin and database tools also.


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