Need improved customer service levels, automate operations, and track SLAs – while reducing costs and boosting productivity?

Service providers are under constant pressure to grow customer satisfaction while improving operating results. To achieve this they need the right tools. Tools that track SLA performance, tune maintenance procedures, track employee workload, inventory usage, and more. Tools that allow service requesters to use the Internet to place, track and get reports on their requests. Tools that boost productivity by quickly handling changes such as re-assigning work orders and moving assets by using the full power of Windows’Drag & Drop’, “Cut/Copy & Paste’ and Hover for details. Tools that get results!


  1. Improve Responsiveness: provide web-based service requests with online tracking to keep requesters informed at every step to the successful completion
  2. Reduce Maintenance Errors: work orders have detailed procedures, tasks completed reporting, plus all reference documents, even on a PDA.
  3. Track all maintenance costs per asset: to ensure that the correct costs and charges are being used. Identify areas with abnormal expenses to correct.
  4. Automatically handle standard service: Routine or service contract work can automatically be assigned and issued to the correct technical resources.
  5. Complete overview of all operations: Review & adjust workload by employee, shop, repair centre (etc) using Outlook-style calendars.
  6. Track SLA detail: ensure all service levels are being met with reports that can be shared as needed with clients

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