Moving Forward, out with the old, in with the new

With traditional facilities management, organizations are faced with increasing problems staying ahead of their operations, balancing everything from changing industry best practices to equipment maintenance schedules. You want your facility management to boost the efficiency of your organization, not make workplace operations more confusing or cumbersome to manage. Traditional facility management is simply not able to supply your company with clear, readily-available – and crucial – information.

Integrative facilities management is the solution to the problem of overly complicated systems and inaccessible data. It is what organizations need to take advantage of to unlock all the possibilities and potential that IIoT brings to industry.

By working with one service provider, you are empowered with lower costs, greater productivity, and in an increasingly dynamic industrial environment, the greatest benefit of all – clarity. Integrated services can merge management solutions with the goals, future plans, and priorities of your organization. This approach essentially centralizes facility management to promote a better workplace environment and vastly improved operational efficiency.

Going Beyond Numbers to Functional Insight

Without integrated facility services, your organization could be left without the accurate, predictive, and comprehensive information that you need to make smart decisions, understand trends, and to attract top talent. Traditional facilities management services are simply not capable of leveraging the increasing amounts of data that are flooding in today or harnessing the true power of the Internet of Things for manufacturing. Nor are they equipped to meet the increasing demands for a higher level of informational quality. They are becoming an outworn ‘container’ that simply cannot hold your evolving industry needs.

For example, an integrated service provider can quickly upgrade systems when necessary to help reduce costs and achieve operational goals. Outsourcing to an integrated facility management provider also offers your organization access to technical specialists and experts to help keep your business at the cutting edge of your industry.

With integrated facilities management services, you can benefit from:

  • Greater visibility across operations
  • More information to help negotiate better prices
  • The ability to make decisions based on real-time information
  • An objective view of contractor performance
  • Clear insight into locating spending inefficiencies for parts and supplies

Why Integration Is Here to Stay

Competition drives innovation, precision, and greater levels of efficiency. This truth has led facilities management to become the essential component of today’s thriving organizations that it is today. Because operations demand the highest level of efficiency that is possible in order to stay competitive, only the multi-dimensional capability and flexibility of integrated management services will be relevant in the future. With integrated providers like Schorp Group, you can give your organization the kind of quality information you need to drive decisions, boost productivity, cut costs, understand trends – and embrace all that the 4th Industrial Revolution has to offer.

CMMS platforms such as Schorp Group provides your business with the tools it needs to adopt an Integrated Facilities Management service. Schorp Group proudly provides both CMMS and EAM solutions for manufacturing operations throughout the world. We can help you take your operations to newer and greater heights in technology, preventative maintenance, and predictive analytics.


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