Maintenance during Covid / Lockdown

Preventive maintenance is of utmost importance in our business and we put all the right programs like CMMS and EAMS in place to make sure our operational hours do not get affected.
At the end of the day you still need people to do this, so how do you look after your workers to prevent potential breakdown.

At Schorp Group we believe in looking after the individual as much as looking after every aspect of our company.

With the new rules in place, how do you look after your workers?

Looking After Your Workers During LockdownLooking After Your Workers During Lockdown


Taking into consideration that each one is different and looking after workers is not one size fits all.

You might have workers using the workspace to help them balance life, you might have workers that feel insecure working from home. You might have workers that just don’t have the discipline to work on their own.

You might have workers consumed with fear. The what if’s, People

For your company to run at its full capacity your people need to be reassured that they as workers are just as important as the work they do.

Schorp Group would like to give some practical advice on how to look after your workers in the uncertainty of lockdown to guarantee full production and a company that grows even in a pandemic.

Looking after your workers

Support groups.

This can be small groups of 3 to 5 people that keep each other accountable. By interacting on the social media platforms available.

Checking up.

A phone call, an email, a video call, or a Whatsapp from the person on top of you will make the world difference. It will send a message off: I am noticed, and I am important. And that will lead to self-confidence that will lead to productivity. And is that not what we all want at the end of the day.

By only doing these two things you will find your company rising to new heights.

Schorp Group realizes that people are just as important as the equipment we work with.

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