Waiting – Waiting – Waiting


Tomorrow – Sometime – Never


Are you tired of incurring the expenses resulting from machines breaking down, with lost production costs spiralling, due to non-arrival of critical spare parts?

Always promised but so often never arriving.


Having your maintenance team waiting on parts to arrive is frustrating and time-consuming. Unacceptable delays in work orders happening on a regular basis due to non-availability of inventory and parts on order.


If these are the problems that you consistently face, then it’s time to start looking for a CMMS solution. Almost every computerized maintenance management software comes with inventory control and management tools that allow maintenance managers to ensure that critical parts are available whenever required.


With a CMMS in place, businesses have more control over their inventory and spare parts, making inventory management smarter.

An Inventory Management Software can do the following:


  • Set min and max quantity thresholds
  • Send email alerts on low inventory levels.
  • Provide detailed information on vendors and parts costs.
  • Generate purchase orders when required.
  • Track insights on parts usage and costs.
  • Reduce theft scenarios.


When tracking items and parts from one location with related information like inventory ID, work order category, equipment model, and vendor, you’ll be able to understand and make inventory available across the organization faster.

This eliminates redundancy in purchasing parts and equipment.


An inventory management software helps businesses move parts between locations, prevents them from running overstock or understock by setting stock quantity thresholds.

It makes it easier for managers to keep checks on equipment critical spares and provides controls over inventory records and levels.


Would you like to make life easier and increase bottom line profitability?


Invest in a CMMS solution with a reputable solution provider and reap the numerous benefits that become available.

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