Here we can see our Project Management Structure Model. We are now going to go through a brief overview of all of the identified areas, before we move into the detail for each area of the model.



 PAS 55 and ISO 55001

As previously mentioned, PAS 55 is the International Benchmark Publication Guide for Project Methodology. It was developed as a guideline to assist organisations with correct physical asset management and as such presents a high level overview of the elements that each project should contain regardless of the project’s purpose and objective. PAS 55 is the top level structure that covers each of the levels below as shown in the above model and it evolved into ISO 55001 the Asset Management Standard to help organisations to design their own methodology. PAS 55 and ISO 55001 together represent a basic framework into which individual organisations can add their own policies, procedures and activities to ensure the care and ongoing health of their assets and asset structures.

Project Methodology

This is the Methodology that each individual industry or organisation needs to develop for themselves to ensure the correct care of their asset base. Everything contained in this methodology should contain all the essential elements stated in PAS 55 and ISO 55001 but the detail may vary subject to the nature of the organisation or the type of project involved.

This customised methodology will then become the structure that each individual asset based project for that organisation will follow and adhere to.

Project Planning

When it comes to project planning, we are now talking about an organisation’s individual identified project that is going to be initiated. The project plan will set up the parameters, scope and objectives for the actual project and in doing so, will follow the structured rules set up in the project methodology we have just discussed.

Project Implementation Plan

The implementation plan is the detailed working plan for a specific project. This will use the Project Plan and will itemise every activity and resource to be involved with specific low level deliverables and timelines. This is the actual Project Managers controlling document and should be used at regular project meetings to monitor progress and ensure the project is still on track as agreed.

Best Practices

As the above Project Management Structure Model shows, all of the above areas are to be initiated using the Principals of Best Practices. Best Practices is not just a one off item that can be added to a project or completed at the end of a project. Best Practices has to be integrated with each aspect of the Project Management model, starting with the Project Methodology and then with the Project Planning and the Project Implementation Plan.


Ok, so if we think we have digested that and have a good overview understanding of our Structure Model, then we can move on and work our way through a more comprehensive and detailed analysis of the various stages identified in our Model. We are going to start with PAS 55 which is the top level strategy guide line that should be adhered to.

Also just to mention that the concept we have been discussing will be constantly referred to as we progress and chart our way through the subject of Project Management.



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