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Product Overview
Fiix Software is a full-featured CMMS solution designed to help organizations track and maintain equipment, vehicles, buildings, inventory, and other assets. The company’s existing maintenance data can be imported from a CSV or Excel file directly into the system. Users can even import equipment maintenance data via their mobile devices or GPS locations. The benefits of using Fiix include technician self-service ability, ability to manage the full lifecycle of each asset, improved productivity, reduced expenses, and the capability to make better business and maintenance decisions.

Headquarters (International):


Southern African Vendor:

Schorp Group SA


Headquarters (SA):

Port Elizabeth (Regional offices across SA)

Deployment Model:


Key Features

Important features of Fiix CMMS.

Asset Management

Compile accurate information on equipment.

Mobile Asset Tracking

One database for all asset information.

Key Performance Indicators

Real-time data dashboard to quickly identify potential equipment problems.

Multiple Buildings

Range of products to suit a one building operation to multiple buildings on multiple continents

Warranty Management

Plan ahead, receive notification on warranty expiration dates coming due.

Service Request

Allow remote users to submit requests via a web browser for faster response times.


If your business requires FDA validation or needs to meet other regulatory standards, Proteus MMX has the solution.


Inspections will allow preventive maintenance checklists with multiple value types for pass/fail, range, numeric values and other types of responses.

Implementation & Integration

The Schorp Group offers cloud-based, web-hosted, and on-premise deployment of the FiiX Software – all with the same essential implementation stages:

Project Planning

  • Kick off meeting
  • Defining goals, roles, and milestones
  • Schedule next steps

Core Configuration for setting up

  • Modules
  • User forms
  • Security
  • Reports

Data Migration

  • Review legacy data
  • Map data to CMS
  • Configure data standards

Training / Go Live

  • Functional user testing
  • End user training
  • Roll out

Process Design

  • Evaluate current process and enhance efficiency
  • Configure business logic
  • Set up process automation

Manage Results

  • Refine usage as needed
  • Analyse system reports
  • Monitor KPIs